In the brick-and-mortar store that is Crossroads Trade, we spend the winter shoveling the sidewalk, observing hunched commuters make their way home down windblown streets, watching the darkness descend too soon. So we are always happy to celebrate the return of light and life.

Our hand-painted eggs, chicken and duck, are from Hungary, decorated in the traditional pysanky style. We also have sturdy carved and painted wooden eggs from Russia. Oaxacan hens are brooding eggs in their nests. Hand-knit Peruvian chicks and bunnies are available as little jacket pins and as larger, but still small, stuffed animals.

Cheerful bunches of Guatemalan paper flowers, in several sizes and varieties, signal the new season. We put away the shovels and enjoy the sunshine.

Crossroads Trade wants your feedback and ideas. Your purchase will make a substantial difference in the life of an artisan. Please contact us.by phone at 617-975-2001 or by email if you would like to see more examples, have any questions, or would like more information.







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