Crossroads Trade invites you to celebrate your holidays by sharing in the work of our artisans. When the weather grows cold and nights are short, holiday lights shine.

If you decorate a tree, you can find Christmas ornaments in felt, silk, wood, ceramic, metal, and beadwork. Some have traditional themes — nativity scenes from Armenia and Peru, stars from Cambodia and South Africa, Hungarian magi. Other ornaments are more avant-garde — miniature Bolivian coca-leaf bags, for example, or felt Tibetan yetis.

Our Christmas stockings change every year. They may come from Bolivia, Hungary, Nepal, Peru, or South Africa.

Our selection of Nativity scenes is delightful — carved wood from Armenia and Palestine, a richly painted-wood Russian scene, a handspun thread, natural dye set of dolls from Bolivia (with a llama), a felt yurt from Kyrgyztan, ceramic "chiva" nativity buses from Colombia, a gourd housing the holy family from Kenya. We find new ones often. Stay tuned!.

Crossroads Trade wants your feedback and ideas. Your purchase will make a substantial difference in the life of an artisan. Please contact phone at 617-975-2001 or by email if you would like to see more examples, have any questions, or would like more information




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